Tuesday, April 28, 2009

rendering in graphite

oh SNAP, it's my graphite rendering. Terrible photos, I know, but listen - I don't care, it's midnight. Eventually I will take REAL slides of my work and not ones where I'm flattening my piece out with my feet, I swear. You get the idea, though. The painting will eventually be posted, but as it stands it's in the hands of my professor, Jon McDonald, because it will be in the show on May 5th. Go see it if you're in Grand Rapids.


Scott said...

oly wah.

This is amazing Perry!
Also a bit scary.

Peregrine said...

Thank you, man. :-)


I don't know if i ever told you this but this is my fucking favourite ever its amazingly gorgeous. I want like... copies of that or something to frame n put on my wall. <3